This is a short history of my life in the tech world

My name is Gabriel Esquivel, everyone calls me “Gabo”. I was born in Costa Rica in 1984 and was raised by a loving family that thought me well to respect others and always focus on the solution to problems.

Since I was a little child I’ve loved sports, specially Soccer, but also Capoeira (brazilian martial), Yoga and Surfing; I dreamed with traveling the world, meet different cultures and learning new languages; so I dedicated some time prior to Bachelors to study foreign languages and today I can communicate fluently in English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

In 2007 I started my Software Engineering studies at CenfoTec University in San José where I discovered my passion software and product development and the potential of the Web Platform.

By the end of 2009 I got my first job as Web Developer building wordpress sites and around a year later I was hired as UI Engineer for americanexpress.com through an outsourcing company based in Costa Rica.

In 2010 I started Costa Rica JS, a meetup group in San José for people interested applications development with JavaScript. At the time Node.js was starting the get traction and SPA frameworks where blooming. Today the Costa Rican JS community is the largest meetup in Central America with more than 1600 members.

In 2011 I started to work independently as a freelance developer and during the course of the years I have had the opportunity to work in many different projects in multicultural, multi-timezone remote agile teams. I worked with several clients, mainly digital agencies, startups and development shops.

Through hard work and a lot of study and practice I grew from web developer with skills for client side apps to a fullstack engineer that can work end to end, from mobile apps to cloud, databases and devops automation. I’ve played the role of lead architect and agile manager in my recent engagements, mentoring and leading the development team from the perspective of someone that has been there in the trenches; keeping a positive and friendly attitude, trying to make engineers as happy an productive as they can possibly be and also leveraging technologies that provide competitive business advantages such as less time-to-market and better user experiences.

In 2016 I married @laubits, my beloved wife who gave me a beautiful daughter named Coral, my motivation and my happiness.


This year, 2017, I worked with a FinTech startup ( a neobank ) as CTO and Chief Architect and led the formation of a world class team and the development of an alpha version of the app utilizing one of the most modern and cost effective technology stacks en latam in financial services.

After the neobank project I started working with Blockchain and decentralized technology and formed BlockchainCR, a hub for research and development of blockchain based solutions.

I provide consulting, custom development and staff augmentation services for startups and enterprise clients through Cortical Touch, I company I founded. Our developer network is highly specialized in JavaScript Applications using ReactNative, React Web, AngularJS, Ionic, VueJS, Node.js, Express, Hapi and more. Our second strongest profile is SysAdmin and Cloud engineers specialized in AWS, DevOps Automation and Network Security.

Our consultation service can give you perspective on the state of your architecture and give you actionable advice. Learn more at corticaltouch.com

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