hi, I'm Gabo Esquivel ( gab-o )

I'm a full-stack software engineer focused on building innovative products with a great user experience. My expertise spans reactjs, react native, typescript, nodejs, cloud platforms, evm, smart contracts and foundational knowledge in rust, go and python, complemented by ongoing AI explorations. My approach is rooted in agile methodologies, striving for precision in technology implementation.

Me giving a workshop in 2019

I assist organizations in crafting and evolving software products, making strategic technical decisions, and collaborating closely with stakeholders and development teams. From initial concept to successful market launch, I am involved in every phase, ensuring ideas are realized to their full potential.

I fluently speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, and I have a diverse array of interests that enrich both my personal life and professional perspective. I am actively engaged in cryptocurrency trading and long-term fundamental investment, complementing these activities with technical analysis to gain deeper insights into market trends. On my free time I enjoy hiking, an activity that allows me to connect with nature and fuels my creative thinking, providing a refreshing counterbalance to my tech-centric professional life.