Gabo Esquivel

I'm Gabo Esquivel


I'm a proponent of decentralized applications, open source technology stacks, devops, continuous delivery, lightweight agile methodologies, lean development and modern web technologies.

I believe that blockchain will have a cornerstone role in our society. Blockchains provide the possibility to build better, more inclusive, more efficient, accountable and transparent organizations, communities and economies.

In 2019 I started, a boutique software development firm specialized in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockmatic provides services to startups and enterprise clients developing on the blockchain. We work closely with stakeholders and developers in the design and development of software applications, taking ideas from conception to production and successful execution.

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Software Architecture

Design of robust and cost effective architectures leveraging modern tech without unnecessary complexity.

Hands-on Coding

I'm a programmer and I enjoy writing clean code that solves real life problems. Mainly in JavaScript and C++.

Secure DevOps and SRE

Transparency, collaboration, automation and infra-as-code as means to achieve secure and reliable infrastructure.

Engineering Leadership

I lead software engineering teams and act as on-demand consultant and tech lead for startups and established companies.

Product Development

Consultation on software product ideation, validation, definition, roadmap creation and product life-cycle management.

Agile Project Management

Manage day-to-day engineering tasks following agile development principles and best practices.


Here are some of my current and past projects

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  • Tech Events
  • OSS
  • Other

Head of engineering. Helped the company through their ICO: ERC20 token, wallet, cloud services and apps development.

Wink: Neobank mobile app

Interim CTO/Chief Architect at challenging bank startup.


Technical lead responsible for the development of a new photo editor and web experience.

Yeah TV

Technical lead for a movie streaming service where you can watch movies dissected in chapters with detailed information and interactive games.

American Express

I worked as a UI Engineer at

Jockey Hollow

Development of menu apps for kiosks and responsive web.

Elder Scrolls Online

Web development of the Elders Scrolls online community site.


Web development of an interactive online store with fluctuating prices.


Web development of a personal health dashboard and integration with Misfit API.


Development of a prototype for a energy data analytics dashboard.

Eat Arcade

Lead developer of an sms subscription system to hand-curated dishes from the best restaurants in New York City.


Development of contract work marketplace.

Money Night Talk

Web Development of a campaign page for AMEX.

Solid Salutes (SunTrust)

Web Development of a campaign page for SunTrust.

Capoeira Abolição

Design and implementation of a promotional website with a responsive approach.

EOS Costa Rica

Open source contributor to EOS Costa Rica, Block Producer Candidate.

My personal github account.

Pura Vida JS

First International JavaScript Conference in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica JS

JavaScript meetup group in Costa Rica.


Community hub for knowledge sharing, promoting and study blockchain technologies in Costa Rica.

DevOps Costa Rica

DevOps meetup group in Costa Rica.

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I help companies develop software products and make technical decisions.

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