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TicoBlockchain 2019 Recap

Recapitulation of TicoBlockchain Conference 2019.

TicoBlockchain: International Crypto Conference in Costa Rica

The first international blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in Costa Rica.

7 Steps to Get Started with EOSIO Smart Contract Development

A list of recommendations to learn EOSIO smart contract development based on my experience.

15 Recommendations to Enhance your Github Flow

An opinionated list of tips to enhance your Github workflow.

My Favorite Blockchain Engineering and Crypto Podcasts

Keep up to speed with crypto and blockchain development techniques and technologies.

Blockchain Technology in Costa Rica

The Blockchain ecosystem in Costa Rica, BlockchainCR and the Costarrican Blockchain Association.

Automatic Node.js Version Switching

When working on multiple Node.js projects it is important to configure your development environment to automatically switch to right node version for a particular project.

On Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is practice in software development in which development teams work in a way that allows companies to update their systems at any point in time or continuously through automated processes, the system’s code base is always deployable and tested.

Best Practices for Designing RESTful APIs

When designing an API there are important decisions that have great impact on the way other applications will interact with the service.

Films and Documentaries Worth Watching

This is a curated list of films and documentaries related to the internet, programming and hacking.