TicoBlockchain 2019 Recap

February 15, 2019 (5y ago)

On Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, the first international crypto and blockchain conference in Costa Rica was held at Club Unión in San José. The famous club, founded in 1925, was the preferred meeting place of the upper political and business classes during the liberal period and is now becoming an important center for multiple activities related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovation in Costa Rica.

The event was co-organized by blockchain organizations and groups based in Costa Rica: BlockchainCR, AsoBlockchain, EOS Costa Rica, Comunidad Bitcoin, and Nimiq. It received support and sponsorship from local and international companies.

This was an important milestone for the Costa Rican blockchain community as part of our efforts to educate and promote the adoption of the technology in the country. The attendance was high, and everyone there was kind and interesting; it was a great networking event.

I had the privilege to speak about open source, blockchain, and EOS Costa Rica's projects. The crowd was very receptive and interested in knowing more about how open source leads to better software and how blockchain empowers people in ways we've never seen before.

Open Source Talk

I also gave a workshop on EOSIO and smart contract development to a great group of people, mostly senior engineers working on financial services, gambling, and automation.

EOSIO Workshop

The recording of the workshop is available on youtube https://www.youtube.com/embed/1y0fGs8Xgw

I'm very happy with the outcomes and the overall experience, where we could truly feel how strong the crypto and blockchain movement is becoming in Costa Rica.

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Blockchain Costa Rica is an organization founded with the intention of turning Costa Rica into a leading country in the use of blockchain technologies, decentralized networks, and distributed ledgers.

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