Blockchain Technology in Costa Rica

June 3, 2018 (6y ago)

On September 2017 BlockchainCR was founded, a community hub for studying and promoting blockchain technology in Costa Rica. It is an organization founded with the intention of making Costa Rica a leading country in the use of blockchain, decentralized networks, and distributed ledger technologies.

Blockchain Costa Rica

We regularly convene gatherings to connect with individuals interested in blockchain technology, including innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, educators, government officials, and anyone with a curiosity about blockchain and its diverse applications.

Throughout these meetings, we have successfully identified local experts, institutions, and leaders eager to collaborate in accelerating the development and adoption of blockchain-based solutions within our country. Our firm belief is that by establishing an inclusive blockchain development community that organizes high-quality meetups, courses, workshops, hackathons, and other events, while inviting experts and mentors, we can create the necessary synergy for expediting technology adoption. We're not just discussing innovation in the abstract; we're taking concrete actions!

An essential milestone in this journey is the recent establishment of a legal entity dedicated to formally representing our sector and engaging with governmental institutions and regulators to enhance awareness and comprehension of the transformative possibilities offered by blockchain technologies. This entity is known as the Costarrican Blockchain Association, an open organization comprising companies and individuals actively using, promoting, and working with blockchain technology. BlockchainCR also serves as an open platform for all those already engaged in blockchain to showcase their projects to the community, share valuable insights, and, through collaboration, help lead our country to prominence in this field.

We wholeheartedly welcome anyone to join us and take part in these endeavors. To learn more, please visit BlockchainCR and