First International Crypto Conference in Costa Rica

January 1, 2019 (5y ago)

On February 2nd, the first international blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in Costa Rica will be held in San José.

You'll listen to great business and technical conferences, as well as actual technical workshops for running smart contracts and understanding what blockchains are.

Ticoblockchain participants will have the choice of attending speeches on two separate tracks occurring simultaneously. A business-oriented track meant for those looking to obtain a well-rounded picture of the current state of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, both globally and in Costa Rica. An additional technical track will also be available to all participants and is geared towards blockchain developers or those who are ready to take the plunge into the world of building software on a blockchain.

The conference will cover a wide range of game-changing industry topics such as women in blockchain, TV & lifestyle, real estate, tokenization in B2B, and a variety of blockchain use cases from different industries. Listen to more than 10 international speakers and industry experts presenting their keynotes, panel talks, and fireside chats.

Some of the speakers are:

  • Roberto Ponce, Invermaster, Managing Director.
  • Chen Zur, EY Partner, Americas Blockchain Lead.
  • Pelle Braendgaard, Founder and Engineering Lead Uport (part of Consensys).
  • Karla Córdoba-Brenes, BeSpiral & Sustainability School CoFounder.
  • Dmitriy Ryajov, CTO Mustekala.
  • Gerardo Corrales, Economic Consultant, Retired Banker.
  • Mauricio E. Lara, Partner, InterTax.
  • Josh Hughes, COO and Founder of BlackSheep.
  • Otto Mora, Manager EY, Advisory Services.
  • Philipp von Styp-Rekowsky, CTO Nimiq.
  • Xavier Fernández, Co-founder of EOS Costa Rica.
  • Carlos Araya, Attorney at Central Law.
  • Daniel Rojas, Crypto Educator at CryptoReds.
  • Clare Politano, Software Developer at Regen Network.
  • Julio Córdoba, Trial Attorney.
  • Esteban Cairol, Winner CR Blockchain Hackathon.
  • Jake Simmons, Software Developer, Lisk Central America.
  • Gabo Esquivel, Software Engineer, EOS Costa Rica.
  • Austin Davis, Blockchain Beach.
  • Tammo and Julian, Overnice.

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