my experiences in the trenches

Get Started with Command Line and Z Shell

To develop a web application tooling and workflow are very important. Taking the time to learn and master command line is not only highly recommended but it is required to make use of tools that will help you develop faster and gain more control of your workflow.

Introduction to Gulp.js

Automation of repetitive and critical tasks is key to develop a successful software product. Automated tasks will minimize software cost, reduce software delivery time as well as improving the product quality and reduce human error. Investing time in automating tasks will allow you to focus on developing features.

Overview of Angular Generators – April 2014

This is a short and opinionated review of the AngularJS generators on npm as of April 19th, 2014.

Developing Software in Paradise, aka Costa Rica

This small country in Central America may be the perfect place to develop software.

Choosing the Data Store for Your Web App

When choosing a database for your application, you need ask yourself many questions and there are important rules about data architecture you need to consider

Data Visualization in Costa Rica

Data Visualization Costa Rica is a non-profit professional group that aims to meet monthly to discuss data visualization, data communication, infographics, exploratory data analysis, charts and graphs, perceptual psychology, and more!

My Favorite Engineering Podcasts

A short list of my favorite JavaScript and Engineering podcasts