7 Steps to Get Started with EOSIO Smart Contract Development

A list of recommendations to learn EOSIO smart contract development based on my experience.

I’ve worked on software development for 10 years now, mainly on JavaScript applications: nodejs and single page apps. On 2017, I decided to focus the rest of professional career on blockchain technology, smart contracts and decentralized applications; I co-founded BlockchainCR, a community hub for knowledge sharing, promoting and studying blockchain technologies in Costa Rica, and in 2018 I joined EOS Costa Rica, an EOSIO block producer and software development company.

I currently work configuring EOSIO nodes for public and private blockchains and writing smart contracts. The path to learn wasn’t that easy, to be honest. Specially because I hadn’t touched c++ since my university days.

Here’s a short list of seven steps that might serve you as guide if you are starting to develop smart contracts for EOSIO blockchains:

Additionally, join the developer telegram groups and stack exchange:

About Me:

Software engineer and consultant. I believe that blockchain will have a cornerstone role in our society. Blockchains provide the possibility to build better, more efficient, accountable and transparent organizations, communities and economies.

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