Blockchain Technology in Costa Rica

The Blockchain ecosystem in Costa Rica, BlockchainCR and the Costarrican Blockchain Association.

On September 2017 BlockchainCR was founded, a community hub for studying and promoting blockchain technology in Costa Rica. It is an organization founded with the intention of making Costa Rica a leading country in the use of blockchain, decentralized networks, and distributed ledger technologies.

blockchain costa rica

We meet regularly to network with people interested in blockchain technology, including innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, entrepreneurs, educators, government and anyone curious about blockchain and its many applications.

During this time we have been able to identify the local experts, institutions, and leaders interested in joining efforts to accelerate the development and adoption of blockchain based solutions in the country. We firmly believe that through the formation of an inclusive blockchain development community that organizes meetups, courses, workshops, hackathons and other events of the highest quality, inviting experts and mentors we can generate the synergy required for a faster adoption of the technology. It is not the typical discourse of innovation that ends up in nothing concrete; we are doing!

A very important step is the recent formation of a legal entity that will be looking to formally represent the sector and lobby with governmental institutions and regulators to raise awareness and understanding of the new possibilities enabled by these technologies: The Costarrican Blockchain Association, an open entity formed by companies and individuals using, promoting and working with blockchain technology. BlockchainCR is also an open space for all those who are already working with blockchain to show their projects to the community, share lessons learned and, through collaboration, become a leading country.

Everyone is welcome a to join and participate! You can learn more at </