Gabo Esquivel - Javascript Developer Lean Development, DevOps, Cloud and OSS. JavaScript (Node.js)

Hi, I’m Gabo Esquivel.
I help companies develop software products and make technical decisions.

As a software engineer and technical consultant, I work closely with stakeholders and developers in the design and development of software applications, taking ideas from conception to production and successful execution.

I’m a proponent of devops, continuous delivery, lightweight agile methodologies, lean development, modern web technologies and open source technology stacks, particularly those build on top of JavaScript (Node.js).

Community leader and open source contributor. Organizer of tech meetups and coding mentor.

I provide software engineering consultancy services and act as on-demand VPE for startups and enterprise clients; Driving engineering efficiency, building strong culture, leading, mentoring and motivating teams.

  • Agile implementation
  • Architecture and technology definition
  • Team augmentation
  • Product roadmap creation
  • Technical diligence
  • Strategy development
  • Development operations ( DevOps )
  • Systems reliability engineering
  • Leading/coaching development teams
  • Process transformation or tune ups
  • Managing day-to-day product development
  • Technical insight in support of strategic decision making
  • Overseeing technical execution from prototype to production
  • Process automation: quality tests, delivery and product release
  • Improving Key metrics analytics output ( AARRR! )

Some technologies I’ve used recently are React, Redux, Angular, Node, Express, Redis, Rails, nginx, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Linux, AWS, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins.

I’m passionate about languages and cultures and I enjoy working in multicultural and diverse teams. My spoken languages are English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

I’m interested in a wide range of topics related to software engineering, operations, product development, design and usability, data visualization, business development, marketing and distribution.

I grew up in Costa Rica, a warm tropical country in Central America; Where I studied Software Engineering. It is a great place for living if you love nature and tech. Read my article developing software in paradise and feel free to reach out.

You can email me anytime, or if you have a question that other people might be interested in as well, open a GitHub issue on gaboesquivel/ama so that others can read it, too.

Leadership, Software Architecture, DevOps, UI Engineering, APIs, MVPs, Agile Lean Methodologies, Modern Web Technology


Gabriel has the rare ability to solve problems that have left other developers scratching their heads. He was a key player on a very difficult development project and maintained his professionalism throughout. He is a great technical resource and can articulate development practice and theory eloquently. His linguistic skills are also a major plus when it comes to dealing with complex scopes and client communication. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would do so again in a flash.

Gregor Milne, Senior Project Manager, Possible Worldwide

Gabriel is a really talented and forward-thinking developer. He excels at working on awesome interfaces and also the back-end. Dedicated and hard-worker, a great person to work with. He is always enthusiast about introducing new technologies and still manages to complete everything within schedule. He’s definitively a valuable asset to any project. I’m looking forward to work with him in future projects.

Marek Pawłowski, CEO at Web Desire

Gabo never ceased to impress us with his spotlessly clean code, helpful documentation, and eye for seeing and acting on the most minute areas for improvement. He’s routinely gone above-and-beyond supporting his code and providing bug fixes with an unbelievably upbeat attitude. He took huge initiative to bring our site up-to-date with the latest in HTML5 and CSS standards while supporting legacy browsers. On top of that, he was always available to talk to and highly professional throughout our engagement. We’re looking forward to working with him again.

Max Ellinger, Design Engineer at Bureau of Trade

Working with Gabriel has been a real pleasure. He has demonstrated to be a highly professional and proactive developer, as he not only seeks to complete his work, but always puts the effort in doing it right - by following best practices and thinking in the overall architecture or goal, or by providing solutions to previously unsolved problems.

He’s a great team player and what I really like about him is that he always keep a positive attitude even in the most difficult and stressful of situations, which helps keeping a good energy/vibe within the team. His teammates have always expressed positively about working with him.

I highly recommend him, just as I would like to have him as part of any team that I am in.

Francisco Martínez, Technical Architect at Possible Worldwide
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